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March 2017

16th March 9 a.m.

Introducing LaTeX with LyX

13th March 9 a.m.

Jupyter Notebook tools workshop

6th March 9 a.m.

Introduction to Emacs

2nd March 6 p.m.

Superfast Python - how to accelerate Python for your research

10 a.m.

An unconference about collaborative tools

December 2016

5th December 10 a.m.

Space Debris Modelling: Past, Present and Future

November 2016

29th November 2 p.m.

NGCM Seminar: Why Julia?

28th November 10 a.m.

NGCM Seminar - How Research Software Engineers will save research

22nd November 6 p.m.

Statistics: a data science for the 21st century

2 p.m.

Lightweight verification for computational science models

21st November 10 a.m.

NGCM Seminar - Applications of Computational Modelling in Acoustics and Vibration

15th November 2 p.m.

NGCM Seminar: Optical Fibres - Applications and Simulation Challenges

14th November 10 a.m.

NGCM Seminar: Non-linear Tomographic Reconstruction

1st November 2 p.m.

NGCM Seminar - Astronomical Hydrodynamics and Be/X-ray Binaries

October 2016

31st October 10 a.m.

Multimode optical parametric amplifiers and oscillators

25th October 2 p.m.

NGCM seminar: An introduction to sensitivity analysis for computational models

24th October 10 a.m.

NGCM Seminar - Robust Design in Turbomachinery Blades

20th October 11 a.m.

NGCM Seminar - Software Engineering, Enabling the Exa-Scale

12th October 4 p.m.

Complex systems analysis of multicellularity

11th October 2 p.m.

Numerical Simulations of Coastal and Shelf Seas

3rd October 6 p.m.

Snakes on a Boat: Robotic sailing with Python

September 2016

29th September 9 a.m.

The Data Dialogue: When Research Crosses Borders

28th September 9 a.m.

Practical Software Development @ EPCC at RAL

15th September 9 a.m.

RSE Conference - Call for Participation

12th September 9 a.m.

Autumn Academy for High Performance Computing

August 2016

4th August 6 p.m.

Continuous Integration with CircleCI

July 2016

28th July 9:30 a.m.

Fortran Modernisation Workshop

11th July 8 a.m.

5-days Advanced Course on "The Role of Mechanics in the Study of Lipid Bilayers", coordinated by Prof. David Steigmann (UC Berkeley and University of Southampton), 11-15 July, 2016, Udine, ITALY

7th July 2:30 p.m.

Simulating with Surfaces: Physics-based visual effects for fracture and fluids

5th July 6 p.m.

Writing Python to process millions of row of mobile data - in a weekend

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