Computational Modelling Group

Mark Vousden

Postgraduate Research Student
Engineering Sciences (FEE)
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Mark graduated from the University of Southampton in the summer of 2012 with an MEng in Aeronautics and Astronautics with Airvehicle Systems and Design. Since then, he has joined the Institute for Complex System Simulation doctoral training centre in the hopes of exploring different disciplines to complete a PhD. The first year had Mark exploring a number of different disciplines and mindsets to provide the bigger picture of academic life.

In the summer of his initial year, Mark began a project with Prof. Hans Fangohr with the intention of understanding skyrmions in a micromagnetic context. He has continued this research topic as his PhD. research project, once again with the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment. This research is funded by the EPSRC.

In addition to the academic pursuits in his PhD., Mark is also interested a number of other topics including high-performance computing, videogame design, flight simulation, aircraft dynamics, and undergraduate teaching of mathematics and programming.

Working with...

Hans Fangohr
Professor, Engineering Sciences (FEE)
Ondrej Hovorka
Lecturer, Engineering Sciences (FEE)