Computational Modelling Group

Seminar  3rd March 2010 1 p.m.  54/7C

Applied Mathematics Lunchtime Seminars - From ore to high-tech product: mathematical modelling of steel production processes.

Dr Hellai Abdullah
Dillinger Ironworks, Dillingen, Germany

Complex fluids, Heat transfer, Materials, Metals
Thomas Blumensath

Technological progress in steel industry implies both the development and improvement of the products and the production procedures. The preconditions are an accurate knowledge of the relevant physico-chemical processes as well as related mechanisms and their interactions. In order to gain this information computer simulations are necessary, because experimental investigations, if possible at all, are very expensive. The basic principle for this purpose is an appropriate description of the physical and chemical processes during steelmaking. Mathematical modelling is the only possibility to describe such complex processes. Mathematics allows a realistic simulation of these processes and provides an essential contribution to the development and improvement of metallurgical processes. Nowadays most of the metallurgical processes are based on mathematical models. The scope of the mathematical application in steelmaking ranges from numerical solution of differential equations to solutions of nonlinear optimisation problems in different fields of steel production chain.