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Seminar  5th November 2010 2 p.m.  Simulcast from Cambridge, MA, USA

F# in Education Workshop (Simulcast from Cambridge, MA, USA)

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.NET, F#, OCaml
Petrina Butler

Workshop Simulcast

Event Overview

F# in Education is a one-day workshop for educators and industrialists, to be held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S., on November 5, 2010. The workshop will investigate F# as a possible teaching language, as well as its use in industry. A highlight will be developments in cross-platform issues.

About F#

F# is simple, type safe, and efficient functional programming language with special expressiveness in parallel programming, scripting, and algorithmic development. F# combines the advantages of typed functional programming with a high-quality, well-supported modern runtime system and the .NET library and tools base. F# is freely available for .NET and Mono development across Windows, Mac, and Linux, and has a very successful professional implementation in Visual Studio 2010. To support teaching of F#, Microsoft Research is working in conjunction with the F# community to ensure a consistent learning experience across all three platforms. This workshop will discuss the projects underway for F# courseware, implementations, and compiler open-sourcing. The workshop welcomes participation from all academics interested in F# as a possible teaching language, as well as from those in industry wanting to know what it can offer for them. The program will offer a variety of talks covering all areas of use and implementation of the language.

F# originates from Microsoft Research, Cambridge and the Microsoft Research F# team, led by Don Syme, in partnership with the Microsoft Developer Division. The workshop is organized by the Computer Science theme at Microsoft Research, Redmond, led by Judith Bishop.


09:00 Keynote: F#: Succinct, Modern Functional Programming—Don Syme, Microsoft Research, Cambridge
10:30 Break


11:00 Going cross-platform with F# MonoDevelop plugin—Tomas Petricek, Charles University, Prague 11:30 F# from the Mac User's Perspective - Joe Pamer, F# Core Team, Microsoft 12:00 TryFSharp in a Browser—Dean Guo, Microsoft External Research

12:30 Lunch


13:30 Topic tbc - Rick Minerich, Microsoft MVP (F#) and Leader of the New England F# User's Group 14:00 Programming Language Concepts using F# as a Meta-language - Peter Sestoft, IT University of Copenhagen 14:30 Panel session: Why Teach F# Nigel Horspool, University of Victoria David Walker, Princeton University Will Sonnex and Tristan Allwood, Imperial College, London 15:30 Break

The Future

15:45 Looking Ahead with F#: Taming the Data Deluge—Don Syme, Microsoft Research, Cambridge 17:00 Locknote: Howard Mansell, CreditSuisse, New York 17:50 Closing remarks—Judith Bishop, Microsoft Research 18:00 End

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