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Seminar  4th May 2011 1 p.m.  University of Southampton, Building 54 (Maths), Lecture Theatre 10B

The PhaseChip: Manipulating Phase Diagrams with Microfluidics

Professor Seth Fraden
Brandeis University, USA

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Complex fluids, Complex Systems
Petrina Butler

The Phase Factory

X-ray diffraction of protein crystals reveals protein structure, which is needed to advance fundamental understanding of protein function and for drug development.

Currently the physical process of crystallization is the bottleneck in protein structure determination.

The PhaseChip, is a microfluidic device that can precisely meter, mix, and store nanolitre volumes of sample, solvent, and other reagents.

Thousands of nanolitre drops of different protein solutions can be stored in individual wells.

Through the controlled kinetic manipulation of the solution chemical potential the process of nucleation and growth can be decoupled, which is crucial for optimizing protein crystallization.

Movies illustrating the PhaseChip in action:


Professor Seth Fraden, Complex Fluids Group, Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA


University of Southampton, Building 54 (Maths), Lecture Theatre 10B

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