Computational Modelling Group

Conference  25th February 2010 9:30 a.m.  Institute of Physics, London

Complex Fluid-Fluid Interfaces

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CFD, Complex fluids, Micromagnetics
Deborah Guy

The self-assembly of spherical particles at liquid-liquid interfaces (both planar and in Pickering emulsions) has proved to be a rich source of new physics. Building on this, recent studies have probed the behaviour of anisotropic or magnetic particles and systems where one or both of the fluids are complex. Investigations are also underway into the role of interfacial elasticity on bulk and microfluidic flow properties. This one day meeting aims to bring together experimentalists, simulators and theoreticians interested in interfacial trapping and its influence on flow.

Confirmed Speakers

Tom Russell (UMass Amherst, USA) Todd Squires (UCSB, USA) Jean Christophe Loudet (CRPP Bordeaux, France)

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