Computational Modelling Group

Seminar  1st June 2015 2 p.m.  Boldrewood Innovation Campus, Building 175, room 1007, University of Southampton, Burgess Road, Southampton SO16 7QF

Accelerated atomistic spin dynamics

Dr Joseph Barker
Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Japan

Advanced Materials, CUDA, GPU, Magnonics, Micromagnetics, Multi-scale, Scientific Computing, Spintronics
Ondrej Hovorka

Atomistic spin dynamics (ASD) is often used when considering temperature dependent effects need to be combined with dynamics in magnetic materials. The use of stochastic dynamics along with long range interactions from ab initio parameterisation leads to a heavy computational cost. The accurate modelling of physical properties such as the spin wave spectrum or diffusion coefficients requires large systems and long integration times, thus a high speed implementation of ASD is of great value. 5 years ago we started using GPUs to accelerate ASD calculations and found immediately that there was a great speed benefit. GPU technology, both hardware and software has moved on greatly since then, but the underlying principles of optimizing for a GPU remain the same. This talk will cover a basic introduction to ASD and GPUs, combined with results and interesting physics which highlight the advantages the increase in calculation speed has provided.