Computational Modelling Group

Seminar  29th November 2016 2 p.m.  176/2013

NGCM Seminar: Why Julia?

Jonathon Waters
Uni of Soton

Jonathon Waters


In the world of scientific programming, there is a long held belief that a program can either be quick and easy to write but slow to run, or it can be long and complicated but execute quickly. Julia is a programming language which seeks to upend this notion, providing speed comparable to C but as familiar as Python and Matlab.

This seminar will introduce Julia's development goals, features and benchmarks, demonstrating the place for it in scientific software development. This will not be tutorial or workshop for learning how to use Julia.


Jonathon is a member of the first Cohort of the CDT in Next Generational Computational Modelling and has been a user of Julia for a number of years, helping to deliver a workshop on the language during his own training.