Computational Modelling Group

Workshop  6th March 2017 9 a.m.  177/2023 (Boldrewood Campus)

Introduction to Emacs


Emacs, Linux, NGCM
Jamie Caldwell

Emacs Editor

As part of the Advanced Computational Methods II course we introduce the text-editor Emacs. Emacs is more than just a standard text-editor, it is a customisable, self-documenting and fully extensible as well. With such flexibility and customisation the learning curve for using Emacs can be apparently steep at first. The workshop therefore aims to provide the fundamental concepts and basic navigation for using Emacs. After which, users should be comfortable with using emacs for simple tasks and be able to go away and explore more powerful concepts of Emacs. The workshop assumes no previous knowledge/use of Emacs. The workshop will contain practical examples for the users to attempt. A virtual machine image will be available for using Emacs.