Computational Modelling Group

Seminar  2nd March 2017 6 p.m.  58/1007

Superfast Python - how to accelerate Python for your research

Ryan Pepper
University of Southampton

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ARCHER, C, Cloud computing, Computer Science, Data Science, e-Research, Linux, Mac OS X, NGCM, Python, Scientific Computing, Software Engineering, Windows
Thomas Kluyver

I’ll talk about using Cython, and will give a quick overview of features, potential pitfalls and will show a few real world examples of how it can make a big difference, particularly in scientific applications.

After the talk there will be a chance to give 5 minute lightning talks – the suggested theme this time is on code performance in Python – some suggested ideas could be:

  • The use of Numba to speed up code
  • Multiprocessing module

If you'd like to give a brief talk, please let us know!

Refreshments will be provided, and we'll go to a nearby pub afterwards for drinks and food.