Computational Modelling Group

Workshop  13th March 2017 9 a.m.  177/2023 NGCM CDT Common Room

Jupyter Notebook tools workshop

James Bailey, Marian Daogaru
Faculty of Engineering & the Environment

IPython/Jupyter Notebook, Linux, NGCM, Python, VirtualBox
Marian Daogaru

Jupyter Notebook

Dear all, the second workshop for Advanced Computational Methods II will introduce Jupyter Notebooks. Jupyter Notebooks are a web based application that enables users to create and share documents containing code, data visualisations, text, etc, in different programming languages. Three tools extending the functionality of the Notebooks will be covered in the workshop:

- nbconvert

- nbdime

- nbval

nbconvert allows the user to convert a Jupyter Notebook into different formats, such as PDF, LaTeX and many more. nbdime is a tool used to see the differences between two notebooks (diffing) or to merge two notebooks. Lastly, nbval is a plugin for pytest which validates the execution of the Notebook by checking that the output has not changed.

For this workshop, Python3 will be used. No previous knowledge of Jupyter Notebooks is required, however coding skills are a plus. The workshop will consist of an introduction to Jupyter and the three tools, followed by several exercises. Installation instructions and a ready setup virtual machine will be provided before the workshop.