Computational Modelling Group

Workshop  29th March 2017 9 a.m.  176L/1125

OpenMP course

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ARCHER, C, Fortran, HECToR, HPC, Iridis, NGCM, OpenMP
Denis Kramer

EPCC collegues will visit us to deliver a three-day intensive course on OpenMP. All welcome. No costs.

Almost all modern computers now have a shared-memory architecture with multiple CPUs connected to the same physical memory, for example multicore laptops or large multi-processor compute servers. This course covers OpenMP, the industry standard for shared-memory programming, which enables serial programs to be parallelised easily using compiler directives. Users of desktop machines can use OpenMP on its own to improve program performance by running on multiple cores; users of parallel supercomputers can use OpenMP in conjunction with MPI to better exploit the shared-memory capabilities of the compute nodes.

Please register at the Archer website.