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Workshop  26th June 2017 midnight  University of Southampton

NGCM Summer Academy

Hans Fangohr

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The NGCM Summer Academy is now in its third year. It is a one-week event bringing together PhD students from across the UK who work on computer simulation of science and engineering problems, and want to extend their training through the workshops available at the Summer Academy. The training is delivered by world-leading experts and key developers of the relevant software tools, and includes 3-day courses on IPython and the IPython Notebook, VTK and Mayavi, and GPU programming using CUDA, and 2-day courses on the Pandas Python library for data handling, Programming the Intel Knights Landing and Scikit Learn.

Prerequisites vary from course to course, but generally include at least some programming experience.

Prior to the main programme outlined above, we offer a course aimed at those just starting with computational work. This course provides a more basic introduction to Python, version control and testing. Simultaneously, there will be a course on scientific software development and software sustainability.

The NGCM summer school offers 50 subsidised spaces available to UK PhD students working with computational modelling.

For further information please visit the Summer Academy's main webpage, or register here.

We look forward to welcoming you in June 2017 or future years.

Hans Fangohr and the CDT NGCM team