Computational Modelling Group

Workshop  29th June 2017 10 a.m.  Boldrewood Innovation Campus, 176, University of Southampton SO16 7QF

VTK Mayavi

Prabhu Ramachandran
IIT Bombay

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Craig Rafter

This course will introduce the participants to 3D visualization using Mayavi and VTK. Mayavi is an Open Source, Python package for general purpose 3D visualization. Mayavi uses VTK ( under the covers and provides a very Python-friendly API. In particular, Mayavi provides the following features:

A full-blown application for visualization of data. A Python library for 3D visualization. Easy interoperability with NumPy. Widgets to embed 3D visualization in UI toolkits. VTK is an extremely powerful visualization library. VTK contains close to 2000 classes that provides functionality for 3D graphics, visualization, and image processing. It provides visualization algorithms for scalar, vector, and tensor data. It is implemented in C++ and provides wrappers to several languages including Python.

The course will first start with using mayavi.mlab to quickly produce visualizations that are useful for scientists and engineers. VTK will then be introduced and covered in a little detail. VTK datasets will be explored in some detail. The commonly used VTK sources and filters will be explored. The course will then look at Mayavi in greater detail and introduce the participants to the traits package. Using this, participants will create their own dialogs and widgets that embed Mayavi in them. Some advanced Mayavi features like extending Mayavi with new sources and visualization modules will also be covered.

The course will be completely hands-on with plenty of exercises.