Computational Modelling Group

Second cohort of Computational Modelling Doctoral Training Centre students arrives

Computational Modelling underpins science and engineering research in academia and industry. Yet, there is very little specialised training in this emerging field: undergraduate degrees are focussed on established disciplines (physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer science, engineering, ...) and while for many of them computational modelling is important, it is only slowly finding its way into already crowded teaching curricula. It is worth noting that computer science, while providing and teaching many relevant skills, is not the same as computational science, and computational modelling is often driven by scientists and engineers.

The Centre for Doctoral Training in Next Generation Computational Modelling addresses this skills gap at the doctoral level. The second set of 13 PhD students has started in September 2015 with an intense training course in Python for Computational Science and Engineering, and will study a wide range of relevant skills, including simulation and modelling approaches, serial and parallel programming and code optimisation, software engineering for computational science, numerical methods, statistics and more over the coming year, before embarking onto a 3-year PhD research project.

NGCM students

Applications for the third cohort of Next Generation Computational Modelling PhD studentships for a range of projects are invited from now on for a start date of September 2016.