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First ever conference for Research Software Engineers - call for participation

The RSE Conference (15-16 September) is the first conference to focus exclusively on the issues that affect people who write and use software in research. It is not a standard academic conference! We welcome researchers, but we also want to hear from people who may not typically attend conferences. It’s a community conference: get involved and help us build the RSE Community.

From running a workshop, sharing your ideas or simply attending, there are many ways in which you can participate. We want to hear from you about the new technologies and techniques that help you in your work. We want your opinions on what will make the conference even more useful. And, of course, we want you to attend!

We’ve described the many different ways you can participate below. Take a look, and get in touch if you’d like more information.

--What’s an RSE?--

Research Software Engineers are the people who work in research, but write code not papers. Most people who conduct the work of an RSE are not formally called a Research Software Engineer.

Are you an RSE? Read this page for more information.

--Who should take part?--

We’re looking for participation from anyone with an interest in software in research: people who develop software (regardless of your job title), researchers, people who provide tools. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never attended a conference before, if you have an interest in software, we want to hear from you!

We’re actively encouraging first-time speakers and workshop leaders to take part, and we’re offering support and mentoring to those people who would like it.

--Tell us what to do!--

This is a community conference. To make it a success, we want to hear from the community about what they would like to see at the conference. Got a good idea (or even a criticism)? Please get in touch.

--Call for workshops--

If you want to help others learn about a new tool, technology or methodology, then please submit a workshop. Workshops can be on any topic - anything you think would be useful to help develop and deliver modern research software can be submitted as a workshop.

If selected, your workshop will be one of 12 that will be presented during the conference. These will be held in three sessions, with four workshops run in parallel (see the programme)

For more details about submitting a workshop, read the workshop page.

--Call for talks--

We’re looking for talks that discuss and expand on issues that affect RSEs. You could announce a new code, discuss the application of a technology in a new context, or describe a technique that could be applied more widely.

We’re also interested in other topics related to software in research and how it is developed - from non-technical skills RSEs need, to cultural issues our community must address. Personal experiences are welcome if you can make them relevant to the audience. These are just a few examples though. We hope to get some suggestions that surprise us!

20 talks will be presented during the conference, each lasting 15 minutes with an additional 5 minutes for questions. They will be held in three sessions, with four talks running in parallel (see the programme).

For more details about submitting a talk, read the talks page.


We will also be holding the UKRSE Annual General Meeting during the conference. This is your chance to influence the community through discussions, voting or standing for an official role.

We will circulate more details about the AGM nearer the time.


Attendees will learn about the cutting edge techniques being used in research, pick up new skills, and hear from a broad range of speakers.

Registration will open in June and will cost £75. We’re limited to 150 attendees at this first conference. If you provide your contact details using this form, we’ll send you a reminder once registration is open.

We’re looking for sponsors to provide bursaries to help us reduce registration fees and cover the costs of travel and accommodation for some attendees.


We need help on the day to run workshops, organise talks, and help with the behind the scenes running of the workshop. If you’re interested in getting involved in the RSE Community, or want experience in running a conference, then please get in touch.