Computational Modelling Group

Miss Alicia Costalago Meruelo

Postgraduate Research Student
University of Southampton
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I am currently studying at the Institute for Complex Systems Simulation after a masters degree in Sound and Vibration (2011).

My research is aimed to the study of different modelling techniques to investigate the nervous system in locust hind legs. The first step is to develop a method to design Artificial Neural Networks for system identification able to deal with the high noise levels of neuronal recordings. This method would be compared with linear and non-linear mathematical modelling of the same system (methods such as Least Square Methods and Wiener/Volterra methods).

The research then would look into intersegmental reflexes in the locust hind leg and the prediction and application of such reflexes.

The research is built in a joint ongoing project between the ISVR and the Biological Sciences.

Working with...

Philip Newland
Professor, Biological Sciences (FNES)
David Simpson
Senior Lecturer, Institute of Sound & Vibration Research (FEE)

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