Computational Modelling Group

Ms Anastasia Eleftheriou

Postgraduate Research Student
Electronics and Computer Science (FPAS)
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I am currently enrolled in the fourth year of the Doctoral Training programme at the Institute for Complex Systems Simulation, University of Southampton. The main aim of my PhD is to investigate the use of serious games simulations for public health issues, and, in particular, to explore the use of simulations to access and influence attitudes to sexual behaviour.

A key focus is whether the perceived attractiveness of an individual is regarded as being a reliable signal of their sexual health status and, more specifically, whether people use this signal when they have to make a decision about whether they will use a condom when engaging in sexual intercourse.

The reason we chose to develop a serious game as part of this PhD is because it o ffers an enormous potential for young people's sex education****, as this generation is very familiar with computer and video game playing. Our simulation models could give young people the potential to engage with a simulated world of people and their sexual interactions and they could better understand the ramifications of risk-taking behaviour.

The implications of risky sexual behaviour are hard for people to understand because this behaviour takes place in a complicated network of interacting people. By using a simulation of this setting, we aim to enable users and practitioners to gain insights into the implications of risky sexual behaviour. As this is an example of a complex system, it is hard for people to intuitively understand and therefore, simulations can help them in achieving a better understanding of them.


I have been a supervisor for undergraduate Software Engineering students for the past 3 years.

I worked as a software engineer for Man Group plc, a British alternative investment management business which provides a range of funds for institutional and private investors globally. Also, I completed a summer internship at Orbis and a work placement at Mandara Capital.


I have obtained a BEng in Computing from Imperial College London (First Class Honours).

Working with...

Seth Bullock
Professor, Electronics and Computer Science (FPAS)