Computational Modelling Group

Patrick Doncaster

Biological Sciences (FNES)
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BSc Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia;

DPhil Zoology, University of Oxford;

Ingénieur de Recherche, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Chizé, France;

Post-doctoral Research Assistant, University of Oxford;

Reader in Ecology, School of Biological Sciences, Southampton University


Animal population dynamics and competition

Metapopulation dynamics and habitat loss

Wildlife corridors and species conservation

Density-dependent evolution, reproductive strategies and senescent ageing

Experimental design and statistical power

Wildlife corridors for large mammals in Belize (Darwin Initiative project in collaboration with the Panthera Foundation, the University of Belize, and the Belize Forest Department)

Food refuge interactions in periwinkles (NERC project in collaboration with the University of Plymouth and the University of Bangor)

Evolution of senescence (BBSRC DTA Studentship)

Simulation models of habitat permeability for mammalian wildlife (EPSRC DTA Studentship with the Centre for Doctoral Training in Complex Systems Simulation, in the Institute for Complex Systems Simulation at Southampton University)

Conceptual models of habitat loss (collaboration with the School of Mathematics at Southampton University)

Invasion of Red-Bellied Beautiful squirrels into Argentina (collaboration with the University of Luján, Argentina)

Research Interests

Life sciences simulation: Ecology, Evolution

Algorithms and computational methods: Agents, Geographic Information Systems

Simulation software: NetLogo, Repast Simphony

Visualisation and data handling software: ArcGIS

Software Engineering Tools: Eclipse, SVN

Programming languages and libraries: Java, Python

Computational platforms: Mac OS X, Windows

Transdisciplinary tags: Complex Systems, IfLS, Quantitative Biology

Patrick's team members

Angela Watkins
Postgraduate Research Student, Biological Sciences (FNES)
Daniel Power
Postgraduate Research Student, Electronics and Computer Science (FPAS)

Joint projects with...

James Dyke
Lecturer, Electronics and Computer Science (FPAS)
Jason Noble
Research Fellow, Electronics and Computer Science (FPAS)
Richard Watson
Senior Lecturer, Electronics and Computer Science (FPAS)

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