Computational Modelling Group

Darius Pepe Falahat

Postgraduate Research Student
Electronics and Computer Science (FPAS)
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I am a postgraduate student whose research lies at the interface of Automated Negotiation and Game Theory. My Ph.D. is part of the Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) programme with the interdisciplinary Institute of Complex Systems Simulation (ICSS).

Academic background

MSci Physics - King's College London


My research involves using computational modelling to explore cooperation and competition within systems of interacting, autonomous agents. I am using techniques from the fields of agent-based negotiation, which features an abundance of research on the cooperation/competition trade-off, and game theory, where the evolution of cooperation has attracted a lot of interest in recent years.

Understanding interactions in these systems is becoming increasingly relevant as our world becomes more interconnected. Automated negotiation has impacted many aspects of modern industry such as e-commerce, high-frequency trading and supply-chain networks. My motivation stems from both an academic interest in the abstract problem and a desire to eventually use my specialist knowledge to solve real problems.

I am currently one year into my Ph.D., my most recent publication was a conference paper (Evolving Behaviour-Dependent Strategies in Agent Negotiations) for the European Conference on Artificial Life 2013.


My research is funded by the ICSS, through an EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre grant (EP/G03690X/1).

Working with...

Markus Brede
Senior Lecturer, Electronics and Computer Science (FPAS)
Enrico Gerding
None, None