Computational Modelling Group

Dr Fraser Sturt

Senior Lecturer
Humanities (FH)
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Dr Fraser Sturt is a specialist in multidisciplinary research, with a focus on maritime prehistory and geoarchaeology. His research interests include modelling submerged landscapes, methods of palaeoenvironmental reconstruction and understanding the changing relationships between people, land and sea throughout prehistory. In particular he works on new methods of data acquisition and integration through use of advanced computational systems.

These interests have recently seen him working on; micro CT analysis of sediments, Itrax analysis of core material, integration and interpretation of offshore geophysical datasets, and seascape modelling to better understand the Neolithic inhabitation of North West Europe. In addition, Fraser often works in close collaboration with offshore industries to carry out research into the submerged cultural heritage.

Fraser's team members

Iza Romanowska
Postgraduate Research Student, Humanities (FH)

Joint projects with...

Seth Bullock
Professor, Electronics and Computer Science (FPAS)