Computational Modelling Group

Joseph James Abram

Postgraduate Research Student
Electronics and Computer Science (FPAS)
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Currently at the start of my second year as a postgraduate research student, I work in the Geography and Environment department of Southampton University, UK. I am also a member of the Institute for Complex System Simulations, completing a year at their Doctoral Training Centre for complexity Modelling. My undergraduate studies took place at Durham University where I received an MSci in Geology and Geophysics.

Academic interests lean towards social-ecological systems, human-environment interactions and natural disasters on both a local and global scale. Projects include investigating shock events on predominantly stable social-ecological systems, feedback loop structures and influence on social-ecological system behaviour and during my undergraduate studies, the activation time of an earthquake zone when influenced by an over-pressured aquifer.

Current research involves the identification of key driving structures within complex systems of system dynamic models during times of regime shift and critical transition between states. Topic areas include the eutrophication of Lake Erhai, China and the implications structural dominance identification on policy making and scenario testing for the purposes of lake restoration.

My research is funded by the EPSRC

Research Interests

Life sciences simulation: Ecology, Environmental hazards

Physical Systems and Engineering simulation: Climate, Earth Observation, Earth surface dynamics, Geophysics, Oceanography, Structural dynamics

Socio-technological System simulation: Human environment interaction, Human population, Social and Socio-economic Systems, Social Networks

Algorithms and computational methods: Finite differences

Visualisation and data handling software: ArcGIS

Programming languages and libraries: C++, Matlab, Python, R

Computational platforms: Linux, Windows

Transdisciplinary tags: Complex Systems, Computer Science, Scientific Computing

Working with...

John Dearing
Professor, Geography (FSHS)
James Dyke
Lecturer, Electronics and Computer Science (FPAS)