Computational Modelling Group

Dr Patrick James

Senior Lecturer
Civil Engineering & the Environment (FEE)
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Patrick uses TRNSYS in a range of applications including: fa├žade technologies evaluation, whole building performance and microgeneration technology performance prediction. Microgeneration work has predominantly focussed on PV but has expanded to include the microwind and micro-CHP. He led the UK microwind trial analysis on behalf of the Energy Saving Trust. Research areas include:

1) Microgeneration: Photvoltaics, micro-wind, CHP. 2) Energy and comfort implications of refurbishment of commercial multi-storey, multi-occupancy buildings. 3) Energy and Communities - how people impact on the perforamnce of buildings. 4) Building integration of photovoltaics, balance of system lifetime (connectors, inverters). 5) Dynamic energy simulation in buildings and renewable energy systems. Climate change impact on buildings.

Research Interests

Physical Systems and Engineering simulation: Data Acquisition, Energy

Socio-technological System simulation: Built Environment, Sensor Networks

Algorithms and computational methods: Multi-core

Visualisation and data handling methods: Data Aggregation, Data Management

Software Engineering Tools: Git, RStudio

Programming languages and libraries: Python, R, Stata, Tcl

Computational platforms: Iridis, Linux, Mac OS X

Transdisciplinary tags: Computational Social Science, Data Science, Demand Response, Visualisation

Joint projects with...

Ben Anderson
Senior Research Fellow, Civil Engineering & the Environment (FEE)