Computational Modelling Group

Dr Rie Sugimoto

Senior Research Fellow
Institute of Sound & Vibration Research (FEE)
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Research Interests

Physical Systems and Engineering simulation: Acoustics, CFD, Structural dynamics, Wave propagation

Socio-technological System simulation: Air-traffic Control, Built Environment, Transport

Algorithms and computational methods: Boundary elements, Finite differences, Finite elements, Inverse problems, Multipole methods, Optimisation

Simulation software: Actran, COMSOL, Fluent, Nastran, Virtual lab

Visualisation and data handling software: Gnuplot, TecPlot

Programming languages and libraries: C, C++, Fortran, Matlab, MPI, OpenMP

Computational platforms: Iridis, Linux, Windows

Rie's team members

Lei Xiong
Research Fellow, Institute of Sound & Vibration Research (FEE)
Alex James
Postgraduate Research Student, Institute of Sound & Vibration Research (FEE)