Computational Modelling Group

Richard Pichler

Postgraduate Research Student
Civil Engineering & the Environment (FEE)
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Research Interests

Physical Systems and Engineering simulation: CFD, Complex fluids, Heat transfer, Turbulence

Algorithms and computational methods: FFT, Finite differences, Multi-core, statistical analysis

Simulation software: HiPSTAR

Visualisation and data handling software: Blender, Gnuplot, ParaView, Pylab, VTK

Software Engineering Tools: gdb, SVN, valgrind, Vim

Programming languages and libraries: C, C++, CUDA Fortran, Fortran, IPython/Jupyter Notebook, Maple, MPI, OpenACC, OpenMP, Python

Computational platforms: ARCHER, Emerald, GPU, HECToR, Iridis, Linux, Xeon Phi

Transdisciplinary tags: Scientific Computing, Software Engineering, Visualisation

Working with...

Li-Wei Chen
Alumnus, Osney Thermo-Fluids Laboratory, Oxford University
Richard Sandberg
Professor, Engineering Sciences (FEE)