Computational Modelling Group

Dr Alexander Wright

Enterprise staff
Engineering Sciences (FEE)
02380 585044
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I an a Senior Research Engineer at the Wolfson Unit MTIA within the School of Engineering Sciences, concentrating upon the integration of experimental and computational results into a useful source of information within the research and development phase of a project.

Recent projects that I have worked on include -

  • Ecover 3 IMOCA 60
  • Camper / TNZ Volvo Ocean 70
  • Equipment development for Great Britain Olympic track cycling squad
  • CFD analysis of wing sails
  • CFD analysis of towed underwater bodies
  • CFD modelling of wind turbines

I am currently developing a 'Virtual Wind Tunnel' in collaboration with a sail manufacturer, automating the process of computing RANS CFD solutions, allowing non-expert use of large computational resources and state of the art computational models with a quick turn around time.

Research Interests

Physical Systems and Engineering simulation: CFD, Marine Renewable Energy

Simulation software: OpenFOAM

Visualisation and data handling software: ParaView, VTK

Programming languages and libraries: C++, Python

Computational platforms: Cloud computing, Linux

Transdisciplinary tags: Design


Streamlines around a set of downwind sails

Zones of low velocity, shed off the tip of a set of upwind sails