Computational Modelling Group

Simon Tudge

Postgraduate Research Student
Electronics and Computer Science (FPAS)
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I have a background in theoretical physics, but my research now focuses largely on mathematical and computer modelling of evolutionary biology. I am a PhD student enrolled with the DTC for complex systems simulation. My supervisors are Dr Markus Brede and Dr Richard Watson.

I am particularly interested in understanding all aspects of social evolution. I have a preference for simple conceptual models which facilitate broad understanding over highly complex models which attempt to incorporate all details of a system. I use tools from evolutionary computing and game theory as well as seeking inspiration from diverse fields such as economics and physics.

At the moment I am seeking to categorise, in game theoretic terms, the interactions which lead to a major transition in evolution. I am also interested in the understanding of genetic conflict through game theory.

Research Interests

Life sciences simulation: Evolution

Algorithms and computational methods: Evolutionary Algorithms, Game Theory

Programming languages and libraries: Mathematica, Python

Transdisciplinary tags: Complex Systems

Working with...

Richard Watson
Senior Lecturer, Electronics and Computer Science (FPAS)