Computational Modelling Group

Dr Yujiang Xie

Research Fellow
Ocean & Earth Science (FNES)
(023) 8059 9239
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Dr Yujiang Xie is a Research Fellow in Computational Seismology working with Prof. Catherine Rychert and Prof. Nicholas Harmon within Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton (NOCS) at the University of Southampton, UK.


2017: PhD Earth System Science (cum laude), University of Hamburg, Germany

2013: MSc Geological Engineering (excellent), Lanzhou University, China

2010: Bsc Geological Engineering (excellent), China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing

Research Interests: Geophysics, Seismology, Mechanics, Mathematics, and Computer Science; Specializing in wave equations and simulations, numerical methods (e.g., FEM, SEM, and FD), partial differential equations (PDEs), inverse theory, optimization algorithms, machine learning, and software development; One application is the full waveform inversion or adjoint state tomography for exploration, regional, and global seismology.

Early research includes optimization algorithms, parametric search of wavefront properties, interpolation of five-dimensional data, ray theory, seismic imaging with stack and/or migration methods, and travel time tomography.

Selected peer-reviewed publications:

  1. Nicholas Harmon, Catherine Rychert, Yujiang Xie and Bogiatzis Petros, 2022. Analytic P-to-S and S-to-P scattered wave sensitivity kernels, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 23, e2021GC010290. doi:

  2. Bogiatzis Petros, Catherine Rychert, Nicholas Harmon and Yujiang Xie, 2022. Fast calculation of spatial sensitivity kernels for converted waves in arbitrary heterogeneous media using graph theory, Geophysical Journal International, 230, 654-672. doi:

  3. Yujiang Xie, Catherine Rychert, Nicholas Harmon, Qinya Liu and Dirk Gajewski, 2021. On-the-fly Full Hessian Kernel Calculations Based upon Seismic Wave Simulations, Seismological Research Letters, 92(6): 3832–3844. doi:

  4. Lei Li, Jingquan Tan, Dazhou Zhang, Ajay Malkoti, Ivan Abakumov and Yujiang Xie, 2021. FDwave3D: A MATLAB solver for the 3D anisotropic wave equation using the finite-difference method, Computational Geosciences, 25, 1565–1578. doi:

  5. Yujiang Xie and Dirk Gajewski, 2019. Reliability of data-driven wavefront attributes in laterally heterogeneous media, Geophysics, 84(3), O49-O62. doi:

  6. Lei Li, Jingquan Tan, Yujiang Xie, Yuyang Tan, Jan Walda, Zhengguang Zhao and Dirk Gajewski, 2019. Waveform-based microseismic location using stochastic optimization algorithms: A parameter tuning workflow, Computers & Geosciences, 124, 115-127. doi:

  7. Yujiang Xie and Dirk Gajewski, 2018. 3-D wavefront attribute determination and conflicting dip processing, Geophysics, 83(6), V325-V343. doi:

  8. Yujiang Xie and Dirk Gajewski, 2017. 5-D interpolation with wavefront attributes, Geophysical Journal International, 211(2), 897-919. doi:

  9. Yujiang Xie and Gao Liu, 2015. Resolution enhancement of non-stationary seismic data using amplitude-frequency partition, Geophysical Journal International, 200, 773-778. doi:

  10. Yujiang Xie and Gao Liu, 2014. Predicting the distribution of reservoirs by combining variable wavelet model of seismograms with wavelet edge analysis and modeling, Journal of Applied Geophysics, 101, 116-123. doi:

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