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CAESAR (The Cellular Automation Evolutionary Slop and River Model) is a two dimensional flow and sediment transport model, developed by Professor Tom Coulthard in the University of Hull. It can simulate morphological changes in river catchment or reaches, on a flood by flood basis, over periods up to several thousands of years.

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Simulating Hydro-geomorphic Changes in European Climate Hotspots

John Dearing (Investigator), Ying Wang

This project will simulate the behaviour of hydro-geomorphological processes in a fluvial system over decadal timescales is an important basis for research on catchment environmental management, especially with regards climate changes and human impacts on fluvial system.


John Dearing
Professor, Geography (FSHS)
Ying Wang
Postgraduate Research Student, Geography (FSHS)
Petrina Butler
Administrative Staff, Research and Innovation Services