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Air-traffic Control

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Spatially Embedded Complex Systems Engineering

Seth Bullock (Investigator)

SECSE brought together an interdisciplinary team of scientists working on an ambitious three-and-a-half year project titled. The research cluster spanned neuroscience, artificial intelligence, geography, and complex systems in an attempt to understand the role of spatial organization and spatial processes in complex networks within the domains of neural control, geo-information systems and distributed IT systems such as those implicated in air-traffic control.


Seth Bullock
Professor, Electronics and Computer Science (FPAS)
Rie Sugimoto
Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Sound & Vibration Research (FEE)
Walton P. Coutinho
Postgraduate Research Student, Mathematics (FSHS)
David Potts
Postgraduate Research Student, Humanities (FH)
Petrina Butler
Administrative Staff, Research and Innovation Services
Daisuke Sasaki
None, None