Computational Modelling Group

Holistic Transceiver Optimisation: The Iridis Approach

26th February 2013
4th March 2014

Integrated channel estimator and demapper design

Conventional radio frequency (RF) transceiver optimisation, which only focuses on the optimisation of one specific part of the transceiver, has been widely used in the transceiver design, i.e. source coding optimisation and channel coding optimisation. However, this category of optimisation techniques ignores the inherent connection of the components of a RF transceiver. In this case, the concept of holistic optimisation, which jointly considers optimisation of all the components, may be adopted for RF transceiver optimisation. In this presentation, we will mainly discuss the pros and cons by adopting holistic transceiver optimisation and demonstrate the benefits of using parallel computing to circumvent the potentially high complexity.


Computational platforms: Linux