Computational Modelling Group

Miscible multiphase systems with phase transition

Research Team
Andrea Boghi


We aim to develop the computational model for the miscible displacement of liquid occupying a porous bulk, as, for instance, in the processes of vegetable solvent extraction, soil remediation or enhanced oil recovery. All these process includes the dissolution of solute and the displacement of solution from porous media. The focus of our current research work is, therefore, twofold: (i) to develop and verify a theoretical model for an evolving miscible displacement, by taking into account dynamic surface tension and mass diffusion through the interphase boundary, and (ii) to provide a model for the solute/solvent displacement from the porous volume.


Physical Systems and Engineering simulation: CFD, Complex fluids, Energy

Algorithms and computational methods: Finite differences, Finite volume

Programming languages and libraries: Fortran

Computational platforms: Iridis