Computational Modelling Group

Modelling power output and wake effects in tidal stream turbine arrays

Research Team
Matthew Harrison, Luke Blunden
William Batten

Blade Element model of tidal turbine

At a commercial scale horizontal axis tidal stream turbines are likely to be installed in arrays (similar to wind farms) to maximise power output from a tidal site. The work focuses on the use of computational fluid dynamics for modelling arrays of tidal stream turbines. Methods for deriving momentum sources are being investigated to represent a turbine in a simulation, and the accuracy of these approaches through comparison to experimental data. The methods have been extended to model arrays of turbines and computational constraints and accuracy of power predictions for these methods are investigated.


Physical Systems and Engineering simulation: CFD, Marine Renewable Energy, Turbulence

Algorithms and computational methods: Finite volume

Simulation software: Ansys

Computational platforms: Iridis

Transdisciplinary tags: HPC