Computational Modelling Group

Multimode simulation of high power fibre lasers and amplifiers

15th September 2014
Research Team
Ioannis Begleris
Peter Horak

Simulation of the peak intensity observed in a passive multimode optical fibre as a function of launched laser pulse duration and power.

The ORC is a world leader in developing fibre lasers that are the enabling technology for a diverse range of high precision applications such as medical diagnostics and surgery, spectroscopy, optical telecommunications and materials cutting and welding.

Particular goals for this project will be:

-Develop multimode modelling software for optical pulse propagation including active gain media.

-Study multimode coupling and amplification in optical parametric oscillators.

-Design and develop large mode area fibres with unprecedented power handling capability.

-Investigate multimode fibre amplifiers for optical telecommunications.

-Develop models for semiconductor-filled microstructured optical fibres.

-Nonlinear wavelength conversion and amplification in the mid-infrared.

The project is focused on developing numerical methods and applying them to state-of-the-art optical fibre and fibre laser technology. The work will be closely associated with related experimental and manufacturing programmes at the ORC focused on, for example, parametric amplifiers, high power lasers, optical telecommunications, and mid-infrared technology.


Physical Systems and Engineering simulation: Electromagnetism, Fiber Optic Communications, Photonics

Programming languages and libraries: C, IPython/Jupyter Notebook, Matlab, Python

Computational platforms: Mac OS X

Transdisciplinary tags: NGCM