Computational Modelling Group

Multiscale models of magnetic materials at elevated temperatures

25th September 2014
Research Team
Jonathon Waters
Denis Kramer, Ondrej Hovorka

Comparison of current magnetic recording and Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording

This project will develop and apply multi-scale modelling approaches to investigate thermal fluctuation effects in magnetic materials. The emphasis will be put on understanding the static and dynamics phase transition behaviour, and the finite size effects in magnetic particles as they originate from the volume reduction to nanometre scales.

The multi-scale approach will employ a spectrum of high performance computational methods incorporating the

  1. first principles models based on the density functional theory (DFT)

  2. large-scale spin models of statistical mechanics solved by the spin dynamics and Monte-Carlo methods

  3. mathematical tools of the modern phase transitions theory.

The relevance of the project is to the development of emerging nanotechnology trends in magnetic information storage (heat assisted magnetic recording), and in biomedicine such as in cancer therapy based on the hyperthermia heating effect.


Life sciences simulation: Biomedical

Physical Systems and Engineering simulation: Advanced Materials

Programming languages and libraries: C, C++, Python

Transdisciplinary tags: Complex Systems, NGCM