Computational Modelling Group

Nonlinear Optical Pulse Propagation

Peter Horak, Francesco Poletti

Spectral evalution of a femtosecond pulse propagating in a microstructured optical fibre.

The work is concerned with the propagation of high-power short-pulse propagation in microstructured fibres or waveguides. Dispersion properties and optical nonlinearities are exploited for pulse shaping techniques in space, time, and frequency. Investigated microstructures include silica or soft-glass templates, gas-filled capillaries, and semiconductor-filled fibres, and optical wavelengths range from the X-ray to the mid-infrared regime.


Physical Systems and Engineering simulation: Photonics

Algorithms and computational methods: Finite elements, Monte Carlo

Simulation software: COMSOL

Programming languages and libraries: Matlab

Computational platforms: Iridis, Linux, Windows