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Roxar(Oxford): Using cloud computing for oilfield reservoir simulation

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24th September 2010
Cloud computing, Computer Science, Data Management, Distributed computing, HPC, Optimisation, Scientific Computing, Software Engineering
Vera Hazelwood

This vacancy is open for current PhD students who would like to gain industrial experience during their studies. Please consult your PhD supervisor before applying.

Project Description

Having a measure of uncertainty is an important component when building a model of an oilfield reservoir. Roxar's EnABLE product makes use of large numbers of simulation runs to estimate uncertainties in a model. The advent of cloud computing brings the possibility of substantially increasing the number of simulation runs which can be performed thereby providing better estimates on uncertainty.

The internship will evaluate the role cloud computing can take for Roxar software. The work will include installing the Roxar software suite on to a cloud computing infrastructure. Evaluating the suitability of providing a cloud computing sandbox for the Roxar software suite. Benchmarks will be developed and tested for Roxar applications on a cloud computing infrastructure. The internship will also review state of the art statistical techniques for combining multiple simulation runs into an emulator. The result will be a report detailing the issues with providing Roxar's application suite in a cloud computing environment.


Which parts of the company will the Intern become familiar with?

Roxar is a subsidiary of Emerson Electrical Co., a diversified global manufacturing and technology company with sales of $20.9 billion in 2009. The intern will be part of Roxar's software research and development organisation and will be based in Oxford. The intern will become familiar with the software development process within Roxar and how Roxar's products are used by clients worldwide.

Duration of the project: 3 months

Company location: Oxford

Application process:

To apply, please send a CV and a cover letter to Vera Hazelwood ( Please visit for more information about the EPSRC Industrial Mathematics Internships Programme. In summary,

  • A current PhD student enrolled in a UK university preferably in the second or further year.
  • Be prepared to be based at the company during the project for at least 3 days a week.
  • Have an interest and expertise in the area of the internship.

The following conditions apply for an internship project:

  • A student receives a stipend of up to £1,500 per month during the project. All travel or relocation expenses are paid for separately by the company.
  • A student still has the same time to complete PhD studies as funding for the internship is provided separately from PhD funding and the duration of the PhD is extended without affecting completion rates.
  • The Intern remains a student at the University; he/she will not be an employee of the company during the Internship but will be based at the company's premises.