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31st December 2013
Luke Goater

Context: As part of an ANR Project about the use of Bicycle Sharing Systems, or BSS, (especially Vélo'v in Lyon) to characterize it as innovative socio-technical systems and complement the studies by a social perspective, the group of signal processing "Sisyphe", from the Laboratory of Physics of the ENS Lyon, hire a collaborator with a PhD, for a duration of 12 months (possibly extended to 24). He/She will work also with the laboratories LIRIS and LET on Lyon.

From the analysis of a database recording all the trips made in Lyon using BSS (Vélo'v) during several years, the main objectives are to precisely characterize the trips, both locally and globally, to propose new approaches to analyse BSS (especially in their modeling as complex networks) and to propose new models or simulations approaches to understand how BSS react to changes in a city.

Location: The work will de done at the ENS Lyon, France. The Post-Doc will be in the Laboratory of Physics and will also collaborate with the Departments of Sociology, or Geography, the LIRIS and the LET in Lyon, and Polytech Montreal.

Applicants profile: The applicants should have a good competences in data analysis with a background in Signal Processing or Computer Science. An interest for the study of Social Science data is required. Competences in stochastic modeling, complex networks study and/or multi-agent systems are expected. Applicants should have a real motivation for inter-disciplinary studies.

The post-doc will also contribute to the organization, maintenance and analysis procedures of the database of Vélo'v trips. However, the main objective is to contribute with innovative approaches to the analysis, processing and modeling of BSS data.

Position can begin immediately, up to January 2014

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More information about the intended work by contacting us.

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