Computational Modelling Group

Research Software Engineer

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15th September 2014
Luke Goater

We are looking for a highly motivated Research Software Engineer to further develop one of the core pieces of software used within the 2020 Science programme, Chaste For full details and to apply see

Chaste (Cancer, Heart and Soft Tissue Environment) is a multiscale, multiphysics simulation framework consisting of object oriented C++ libraries. One of the main obstacles to wider uptake of Chaste with users, both academic and industrial, is the difficulty of getting started. With many and varied dependencies, the installation process can be challenging. The technical infrastructure managing the project also makes it difficult for external users/developers to contribute back. The post holder will work to remove these barriers to adoption.

Candidates should have proven experience of: cross-platform C++ programming; Git version control system; continuous integration environments; Windows development environments/tools; and cross-platform C++ build frameworks. Good communication skills are essential, as is the ability to work within a team and independently as required.