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PhD position available to apply computing/programming to oceanography and climate

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20th August 2010
C, C++, Climate, Data Acquisition, Earth Observation, Fortran, Linux, Matlab, Oceanography, Optimisation, Scientific Computing, SVN
Paolo Cipollini

A funded PhD position is available in the National Oceanography Centre from Oct 2010 to study the Agulhas current from Space. This is a warm, fast oceanic current flowing along the coast of Southwestern Africa that has paramount importance for global ocean circulation and climate. We are aiming at studiyng it by means of improved satellite altimetry data ('coastal altimetry'). This requires dedicated reprocessing of the satellite archives (already amounting to ~20 years of observations), with the application of the latest retracking, filtering and correction algorithms. In practice this project involves a good amount of programming (C++ or FORTRAN), signal processing and data processing to start with, which will then enable the candidate to carry out important scientific investigations on the reprocessed data. The project is suitable for Engineering/Physics graduates with strong background in computing and programming (Linux, C/C++ and/or FORTRAN, Matlab) and keen to apply their skills to satellite oceanography, with important implications for our understanding of ocean circulation and climate.

Funding for this project is only available to UK/EU candidates -- Apologies to our many non-EU friends....

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More information on this project is available here.

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