Computational Modelling Group

Research Software Engineer at the University of Southampton

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9th June 2017
Docker, Fortran, Git, Iridis, Linux, Matlab, Python, R, Scientific Computing, Software Engineering
John Robinson

The Software Sustainability Institute is looking to recruit a Research Software Engineer (RSE).

The Software Sustainability Institute is the world-leading authority on research software. It plays a key role in helping the research community recognise the role of software, and in adopting practices that lead to reliable and reproducible research.

The new recruit will be based with our software team in Southampton, and will work with research groups from across the UK to help improve their software and practices. This will require a solid background in development practices and excellent communication skills. A talent for technical problem solving is a must. The recruit will come into contact with a wide range of technologies and will be given many opportunities to build new skills. We don't expect you to be proficient in everything, but you must enjoy learning new technologies.