Computational Modelling Group

The preferred form of submission for the Iridis student presentation competition is to create a project page here on the cmg website. You must then email a link to the HPC team at by noon on November 12th 2018. If you would like to take part in the competition but consider your work confidential or prefer not to submit a project to the CMG pages, please inquire about alternative submission methods by emailing

In order to create a project page you must first create a profile, if you have not done so already. From, in the top right of the page pless the login/register button. Enter your iSolutions username and password on the left. On the following pages you will asked to complete the details of your profile. Whilst your profile does not form part of your contest submission remember that the cmg webpages are visible outside the University so this is also an opportunity to polish your web presence as a researcher.

Once your profile is complete you should have the a number of new tabs on the top right. Press Your Content and under the Research Projects header select Create a new project. Complete the project details according to the the requirements of specified in the competition announcement. Press Save and edit project team, this will take you to a page where you can tag your supervisor and any fellow team members. One done just hit save at the bottom of the page and email the link for your project to