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February 2017

Iridis Student Project contest 2017 - a chance to present your work and win a prize

Iridis Student Project Contest 2017 - a chance to present your work and win a prize!


August 2016

Nanosize magnetic whirlpools could be the future of data storage

The use of nanoscale magnetic whirlpools, known as magnetic skyrmions, to create novel and efficient ways to store data will be explored in a new £7M research programme involving University of Southampton researchers.


May 2016

First ever conference for Research Software Engineers - call for participation

Research Software Engineers (RSEs) are the people in research groups who write code, not papers. They are fundamental to research, but lack recognition for their work. To combat this oversight, we are running the world's first Research Software Engineer conference on 15-16 September 2016 in Manchester.


April 2016

Leading roles for Southampton researchers in pioneering health project

Health researchers from the University of Southampton are to play a key role in an ambitious national project to scan the bones, hearts and brains of 100,000 middle-aged people.


October 2015

Second cohort of Computational Modelling Doctoral Training Centre students arrives

The second cohort of the students of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Next Generation Computational Modelling has arrived at Southampton.


July 2015

IPython/Jupyter project receives 6 million US$ funding

Jupyter/IPython project has received US$ 6M funding for software engineering to support research and education


EU Open source software project receives green light

An open source software project involving the University of Southampton to extend the capacity of computational mathematics and interactive computing environments has received over seven million euros in EU funding.


May 2015

Iridis Student Project contest 2015 - a chance to present your work and win a prize

Iridis Student Project Contest 2015 - a chance to present your work and win a prize! ** Note - submission deadline has been extended to 3d of June **


March 2015

Registration open for Computational Modelling Summer Academy in June 2015 at Southampton

The University of Southampton is hosting the UK’s first Next Generation Computational Modelling ‘Summer Academy’ to train PhD students in cutting-edge computer modelling and programming technologies.


February 2015

Southampton's Nmag simulation software supports leading magnetisation dynamics study

Southampton's Nmag open source software plays key role in study that captures magnetisation dynamics in magnetic memory in super slow-motion.