Computational Modelling Group

Prof Jon Strefford

Medicine (FM)
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Professor Strefford’s research has focused on the identification and characterization of genomic defects in cancer cells.??Genomic abnormalities are the hallmark of human cancer and can aid in appropriate patient management. The presence of these genomic alterations can have utility as Biomarkers by providing guidance on the most appropriate treatment regime and identify those patients likely to develop progressive disease or those that might exhibit limited response to treatment.

The research projects coordinated by Professor Strefford include:

  1. Biomarker Discovery: Using whole genome analysis for copy number changes and sequence mutations to screen clinically-informative leukaemia and lymphoma cohorts.

  2. Biomarker Validation: Using target molecular and NGS technologies to determine the clinical impact of genomic lesions on the patient survival and response to treatment, particularly in the clinical trials context.

  3. Functional Analysis: Using in vitro and in vivo model systems we assess the role of novel genetic lesions in the pathophysiology of B-cell neoplams.

Joint projects with...

Sarah Ennis
Professor, Medicine (FM)
Jane Gibson
Lecturer, Biological Sciences (FNES)