Computational Modelling Group

Lewys Brace

Postgraduate Research Student
Electronics and Computer Science (FPAS)
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Iterated learning takes place when the input into a particular individual's learning process is itself the output of another individual's learning process. This is an important feature to capture when investigating human language change, or the dynamics of culturally learned behaviours in general. By developing a number of computational simulations, we not only demonstrated that this process has a significant impact upon eventual linguistic form, but that it is also significantly affected by the interconnectivity of the linguistic community. The key finding of this work was that immature language users cause linguistic change at a much higher rate, through the refinement-like process of iterated learning, when they learn their language from multiple mature language users.

Working with...

Glyn Hicks
Lecturer, Humanities (FH)
Jason Noble
Research Fellow, Electronics and Computer Science (FPAS)