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Dr Marijan Beg

External Member
Imperial College London
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As a computational scientist, I am attempting to understand the world by delegating hard work to computers. Computers have become amazingly powerful to help us tackle some of the most challenging puzzles that are too complicated to be solved using conventional methods. I am employed full-time as a Teaching Fellow in Computational Data Science at Imperial College London. At the University of Southampton, I am a Visiting Fellow supporting research and the supervision of PhD students in the EPSRC Programme Grant on Skyrmionics.


The main focus of my research is computational magnetism. I develop finite-element, finite-difference, and Monte Carlo simulation tools to investigate magnetism on a nano-scale. I work on designing and implementing Finmag and Fidimag simulation packages. Using simulations, I explore magnetic quasi-particles, such as skyrmions and Bloch points, with promising properties to radically transform the way we store and process data. By aiming to make computational workflows more effective and reproducible, I developed Ubermag - a Python interface exposing different computational backends to Python’s ecosystem and integrating them into Jupyter. I participate in experiments and analyse big experimental data at the European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Facility. I was a member of the EPSRC Programme Grant on Skyrmionics and the OpenDreamKit Horizon 2020 Research Infrastructure Project. Besides computational magnetism, research software engineering, and data analysis, my research interests include spintronics, simulation and modelling, complex systems, domain-specific languages, reproducibility, and open science.

I am an Editorial Board Member in condensed matter physics for Scientific Reports and Frontiers in Physics open-access journals. In addition, I have served as a reviewer for Nature, American Physical Society, American Institute of Physics, Institute of Physics, IEEE, and Wiley journals. I am a member of the Institute of Physics and the IEEE. I have (co-)authored over 30 publications and developed 13 software packages. Furthermore, I have delivered eight invited talks and seven tutorials, have participated with over 70 contributions, and have won three awards at international conferences. More details about my research output are available on the following public profiles: Google Scholar, ORCID, publons, Scopus, LinkedIn, arXiv, Research Gate, loop


I teach and supervise students in MSc Applied Computational Science and Engineering and MSc Environmental Data Science and Machine Learning postgraduate courses. Before joining Imperial College London, I taught computational and data science courses, supervised PhD students and individual research projects at the University of Southampton and the University of Hamburg. In addition, I design and deliver workshops on computational science, computational magnetism, and reproducibility, supporting researchers to adopt the best computational and data science practices in their research.


Working with...

Hans Fangohr
Professor, Engineering Sciences (FEE)
Ondrej Hovorka
Lecturer, Engineering Sciences (FEE)



With Hans Fangohr (Investigator)