Computational Modelling Group

Peter de Groot

Physics & Astronomy (FPAS)
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Prof Peter de Groot's research concentrates on the electrical and magnetic properties of nano-scale structures. He has published over 220 refereed papers in this research area. In recent years he has coordinated the EPSRC Network on Magnetic Superlattices and he currently chairs the Magnetism Group of the Institute of Physics, UK. Investigations in his research group involve strong collaborations with researchers in the Schools of Chemistry, Electronics and Computer Sciences, Engineering and the Opto-electronics Research Centre at Southampton, and include:

  • Magnetic phases, spintransport and dynamics in exchange spring multilayer system (collab. with University of Oxford).
  • Theoretical and computational modelling of magnetic nanostructures.
  • Patterning of magnetic and superconducting films using lithography, FIB and self-assembly template methods.
  • Microwave and optical studies of planar metamaterials based on magnetic and superconducting films.
  • Synchrotron studies of magnetic films and multilayers.

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