Computational Modelling Group

Peter Bartram BEng MSc

Postgraduate Research Student
University of Southampton
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Pete Bartram is a final year PhD student in the Astronautics Department and a part of the Next Generation Computational Modelling CDT.

His area of research is in astrodynamics, more specifically to the application of astrodynamics to study planetary systems. The study of the stability of exoplanet systems, in particular, is of great interest currently and must be pursued through the use of numerical techniques. The stability of these systems can exceed a billion dynamical periods and as such the computational resources required to model them is a bottleneck to our further understanding of the underlying physics; in addition, simulations that span such a wide time period are highly sensitive to numerical error. Therefore, there is a key requirement to reduce the computational cost of n-body integrators while also ensuring the results obtained conserve invariants accurately enough to properly capture the physical processes. Development of a tool to address these challenges, along with research into exoplanet stability are Pete's key research focusses.