Computational Modelling Group

Samuel Diserens

Postgraduate Research Student
Engineering Sciences (FEE)
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I am currently enrolled as a PhD student within the Centre for Doctoral Training in Next Generational Computer Modelling. I will be working within the Astronautics research group, specialising in the modelling of the space debris environment. I completed my undergraduate degree and MPhys at the University of Durham, which included research into the observable neutron flux above lunar craters.

My research will address the challenges involved, including inter-disciplinary issues related to space debris, space operations, space situational awareness, space weather, commercialisation, possible conflicts in space and regulation. To address these issues and to provide vital inputs to ongoing and future discussions of debris mitigation and remediation options (e.g. within the IADC), a next-generation model is needed.

The project will therefore aim to develop the necessary computational methods (encompassing the full scope or focusing on the essential components) and apply these to address intractable problems that cannot be resolved using the existing approaches. As such, the project will make an important contribution to the ongoing work of the IADC and enable future space systems to be sustainable.

This research is funded by the EPSRC.

Working with...

Hugh Lewis
Lecturer, Engineering Sciences (FEE)