Computational Modelling Group

Savinda Gunawardana

former PG, Biological Sciences
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My postgraduate research is in collaboration with School of Biological Science (SBS) and Electronics and Computer Science(ESC) schools on Bayesian statistics in computational biology for Protein-Protein Interaction (PPI) networks.

In my first year I'll be looking into extracting evidence from all possible PPI databases (e.g. BioGRID, IntAct, etc.) to support whether a given pair of protein is coming from a protein complex or not. The proteins would be restricted to a single organism initially and later the pipeline will be extended to other organisms. Any PPI dataset which provide PSI XML 2.0 is parsed to extract evidence of interactions for this experiment. And a binary classifier based on SVM is trained to predict a given pair of protein is coming from a complex or not based on its features. The feature space for the PPI has consists of its experiment type, co-expressions, etc.

Working with...

Richard Edwards
Alumnus, University of New South Wales, Australia